Harry Tector Net Worth 2019 | Biography | Salary | Career Records | Girlfriend | Family and More

Harry Tector is a world rising star of international cricket which is best known as Harry Tom Tector ireland cricketer. He made his life as world celebrity in a very young age even you can say that in a teen age. Harry is on peek of his career and making records in his very early age of life. Harry Tector cricketer all information is available here for viewers in which Harry Tector net worth, salary, career, records, age, height, family, girlfriend, income, house, wife name, Harry Tector girlfriend scandal controversy and biography.

Biography of Harry Tector (Cricketer):

Harry Tector full name is Harry Tom Tector is an international cricketer of ireland which was born in 1999 and now he is 19 years old and playing for ireland cricket team. He is one of luckiest cricketers of ireland team which was awarded by ireland cricket board central of 2019-2020. He started to play t20 cricket in 2017 inter provincial trophy and then Harry start his first class career in domestic cricket. Tector was a captain of ireland under-19 team in 2018 u-19 world cup.

Harry Tector Net Worth | Biography
Harry Tector Net Worth | Biography | Girlfriend | Scandals | Life Style | Family and More.

International Career and Records:

In 2018 icc u-19 world cup tournament, Harry Tector was named as captain of univer-19 ireland team. Harry was a leading wicket-taker for ireland team in this tournament and icc named him a rising star of the squad.

He joined ireland cricket team in 2019 and made his international debut in 2019 against Scotland. He was a part of team for 2019 ICC t20 world cup qualifier tournament in UAE.

Harry Tector Irish Cricketer Girlfriend:

Harry Tector is rising up from his teen age and no has any scandals of girlfriend and dating contrversies till now. He has his childhood girlfriend in his home town but not in news or on social media just because Harry Tector want his private life separate from his career.

Harry Tector Net Worth 2019:

Much of fans have question on different platforms that how much Harry Tector is earning or salary of Harry Tector. So, we have collected Harry net worth from its legal contracts with domestic and international cricket franchises. The main source of income of Harry is his profession as cricketer. The net worth of Harry Tector is depends on his monthly salary from ireland cricket board, t20 franchises, domestic club salary and endorsements. Hence, the Harry Tector net worth is estimated to $0.45 Million US Dollars.

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